60th Anniversary Wine – Made by a Falcon Old Boy


This being the 60th Anniversary for Falcon, you many not have been aware of one of the less-publicised aspects of the celebrations around Falcon College’s 60th birthday – namely, a special bottling of College wines by Falcon Old Boy, Jeremy Borg (Founders, 1978).

You may know Jeremy’s post-Falcon history, but if you don’t, it’s all wrapped up in Painted Wolf Wines, a winery he established in 2005. Not only does he produce some fantastic wines (which I can attest to, having worked my way through a case), but the awards those wines have won is about 4 pages long on my 24″ screen. What’s more, Jeremy uses a not inconsiderable percentage of the proceeds to support conservation and research charities working to safeguard – you guessed it – painted wolves.

Over the years, Jeremy has also supported a number of Falcon Old Boy events and has this year created a range of College wines that will be gracing the tables at the upcoming Falcon Old Boys dinner at Harrow School in October.  If you fancy some of this, have a look at this page.  where I have put the relevant order forms onto the page for you.

By the way, Jeremy will be making a donation to the College for each bottle sold and from his own point of view, this particular bottling is a non-profit operation. Can’t say fairer than that!

Cheers! Colin, Hervey 1975-1979

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