David Childs-Clarke 1946-2010

I’m sorry to have to report that David Childs-Clarke, who was in Hervey from 1960 to 1964 died from a heart attack on 14th June 2010.

Although David was before my time at Falcon, I met him several times at FOB gatherings and had some good conversations with him. This is him at the last UK FOB meet-up at Bucks Club


Whilst he told me once that he did not enjoy his time at Falcon much, he did value contact with FOBs, hence his frequent presence at our events – I think I saw him first at one of the House of Commons dinners.

From what I can gather, David was a primary school teacher – and a very popular one at that. In private life his Christian faith loomed large for both him and his wife Liz.

Colin Bewes – Hervey 1979

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