UK FOBs cricket win over Peterhouse


Last Sunday (28th June) Andy Whittall led a fine team of FOBs (and a couple of ringers!) to victory over Peterhouse at Radley College, Oxford. Final score…

Falcon 245 for 8
Peterhouse 218 all out in the 30th over
Man of the Match was David Lashbrook for his 5 wickets.
Here are the pics


FOBs attending included Keith Gilbert, Jon Howat, Tim Johnson, Rory Travers-Drapes and Alex Boye.

The Falcon team was…

1.       Ross Craig
2.       Mark Dekker
3.       Mike Torr
4.       Godwill Mamhiyo
5.       Warren Gilmour
6.       Adam Huckle
7.       Chris McNally
8.       Henry Olonga
9.       Clive Kennedy
10.   David Lashbrook
11.   Ed Sankey
12.   Brighton Watambwa
13.   Andy Whittall

I am hoping one of these can tell me who did not make it as I’m sure we didn’t have more than eleven. There was even a point when Henry Olonga (spot the ringer!) asked a young lad of about 14 if he could field when Ed Sankey had to leave early to deal with Greek banking fallout.

Anyway, if you are good at recognising faces, please comment away on the Flickr album (who’s bowling, who’s receiving etc).

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