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This site is here for Falcon Old Boys, Girls (there were a few!) and Staff the world over.  Its purpose is to bring Falcon alumni together, act as a repository for memorabilia and be a publicity organ for reunions, fund-raising for the College etc.

It’s designed to be easy to read and search as well as informative and interesting.  Parts of the site can only be seen if you are logged in.  This is because those parts of the site are of interest mainly to Falcon alumni only.  So, if you are one of them, register on the site and we’ll give you a login.

Additionally, if you are ex-Falcon and:

Please get in touch via the Contact Us page so that we can help you by putting information on the site about it.

Lastly, if you see anything on the site that offends you, please contact us with specifics.  Hopefully this will never happen, but the site is not here to stir things up so we want to know straight away if we are treading on any eggshells.

Probably said enough now.  Enjoy the site.


Colin Bewes, H79