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The Lanner Falcon Trust

The Lanner Falcon Trust is currently in the stages of being set up by Falcon College Old Boys (FOBs) based in South Africa. Its main objectives will be to act as a forum, meeting at least twice if not three times a year to plan social events for FOBs and to raise money for Falcon College.

In recent years in the UK FOBs have been extremely supportive of Falcon, but obviously, due to geography, Old Boys in South Africa have been unable to attend the majority of any gatherings. The formation of a body in South Africa will provide similar opportunities and, who knows, in time maybe the Lanner Falcon Trust will vie with it’s UK counterpart to see who can raise the most funds for Falcon!

Apart from the great opportunities these gatherings offer for meeting up with pals you haven’t seen for years, they are also a means by which you can hear what’s going on back at the College and in Zimbabwe. Equally, as you will see from other pages on this site, our various events and the 100 Club have been a life line in raising cash to buy various items for the College unobtainable or extortionately expensive in Zimbabwe.

As this web site is fairly unique, we are happy to publicise any FOBs events or news anywhere in the world, not just what’s happening in the UK – so if you have something you want us to put up, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.