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One of the most useful links you may find here is to Bushtick.  This is a worldwide e-mail exchange discussion list for Falcon Old Boys. If you are not familiar with the concept, it works like this…You join the list.   Once you are a member you receive all e-mails sent by other members and other members receive any e-mails you send.   You can use it for any number of things…

  • tell other members of the ‘misdemeanours’ you got away with at Falcon.
  • discuss the progress of the Falcon – sorry – Zimbabwe Cricket team.
  • post short news clippings on Zimbabwe that might be of interest to FOBs
  • tell other FOBs about the braai you’re about to invite us all to
  • ask other members for news of long-lost buddies from Falcon, and pass on your own.
  • anything else that might be of interest to FOBs – just a few rules though…no , no offensive jokes, no commercial exploitation (except for the FOBs 100 Club of course), and no personal abuse (the ex-member of staff you couldn’t stand might be a member!).

To join, either go to the home page or send an e-mail to Colin Bewes to express your interest.  Whether you use the form above or just email, please tell us your name, house and years at Falcon so that we can at least do some rudimentary authentication!

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