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Charlie Nelson, Chubb 1993-1996, has worked full time in the Entertainment Lighting Industry since 2003. His last position was as Operations Manager for TMB, a value-added distributor to the trade that has been servicing the industry with some of its most innovative and successful products for 26 years.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Charlie got his first taste of Live Events at high school. Following that, he was volunteered to assist at a community panto, ostensibly as desk operator. The “desk” was 3 scarily rusty rheostats at the back of the theatre, accessed by barstool. Strobe effects were achieved vigorously.

11 months later, having spent some time studying IT and then having spent 3 months working on a commercial farm in the Glendale area of Zimbabwe, Charlie made the move to the UK, where after a couple of false starts he found himself working in the Export department of what was then Guinness.

2 years later (rounded off by a hazy week-long period testing Guinness at pubs ahead of St Patrick’s Day,) Charlie left what had become Diageo, did some travelling then found himself back in London looking for a job.

He approached TMB UK through his good friend Chris Curran. They needed a temp driver for a week. 4 years later, Charlie had worked his way up to the position of European Operations Manager. Whilst in this position, staff changes in TMB’s global HQ had him covering the Operations function on a global basis for much of his tenure.

In 2009, Charlie decided to pursue a long-held dream; that of moving back to the Southern Hemisphere, resigned his position at TMB and is now using the experience gained there to freelance as an Operations & Logistics guy and Business Project Manager to the Live Events Industry while he waits for the paperwork that will take him to Australia to process.

Charlie is happy to bill mates’ rates to FOBs, their businesses and the businesses they work for.


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