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John Laing, T’96, operates an overland safari company – Chimhavira Overland Safaris

Fancy an African Adventure?

John Laing, Tredgold ’96, has set up a Safari Business take a look at Chimhavira Overland Safaris operates out of Johannesburg, South Africa and specialises in providing fully-supported, privately guided and personally tailored self-drive, overland safaris covering the Southern African region.

John started the company on the strength of his belief that overland travel needs a new image and perspective. Many people think organised travel = group travel, which – let’s face it – does not suite every taste. With Chimhavira, John has turned the group travel idea on its head, allowing clients to safely and comfortably experience the wonders of Africa while Chimhavira takes care of the finer details of the tour. Attention to detail includes transport in specially designed Land Rovers with the best possible equipment, careful route planning, reliable communications, high levels of comfort and style, and knowledge born of experience in how to handle the many aspects of travel in Africa – both expected and unexpected. Above all, the peace of mind this brings is complemented strongly by the personal touch John and insists on for every trip.

Chimhavira is not for the gap year student that wants to party every night but caters for clients who wish to gain knowledge of and appreciate the countries that they are visiting. You may be interested in wildlife, landscape, photography, culture or just adventure travel, but John believes his approach will amplify the experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

Chimhavira Overland Safaris will cater specifically for people who want:

  • To be accompanied, supported and catered for by their own personal safari leaders (who will drive a separate vehicle) throughout their safari
  • To drive their own 4×4 vehicle and experience the freedom and excitement of discovering Africa for themselves on their own personal safari
  • To create their own Africa overland route and personalised itinerary
  • Leaving the actual bookings to Chimhavira
  • The reassurance that their 4×4 vehicle will be fully serviced prior to the trip in Africa
  • Time to relax in comfortable, stylish campsites
  • For the chance to follow the game at a leisurely pace
  • For the opportunity to enjoy their own campfire whilst sitting under a star-studded African sky with their favourite drink, listening to the evocative night sounds of Africa
  • To enjoy delicious fresh food served straight from the fire
  • To pay one price with no hidden extras, which includes vehicle hire, all camping equipment, fuel and food


Bookings and enquires can be sent directly to John using the links below.

When you make your bookings ensure you note you are a Falcon Old Boy/Girl / Staff which, will entitle you to a 5% discount on your booking. If you are not a Falcon Old Boy/Girl / Staff, but have made a booking through the Falcon web page please also mention this in your email – you will be entitled to a 10% discount on your booking.


Click here to go to the Chimhavira website

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