Ian Lucas, T’70

Ian Lucas was in Tredgold House from 1966 until 1970. Although born in Rhodesia, his early schooling was in Zambia, where his father was an official of the Nchanga Copper Mines. He was quiet and unassertive, which to some extent led one to underestimate his talents, which were substantial and versatile. He was in the Science Sixth and wrote his A levels successfully in Physics and Mathematics.

He was a member of the Faraday and Exploration Societies and enjoyed their activities. He was Captain of Squash, a good Rugby player (though dogged by injury as 1st XV full-back), played 1st Team Tennis and excelled as a long-distance and cross-country runner. He lost touch with the School after he left but it is understood that recently he had been working with the Hydrological Engineering Department of the Ministry of Water Development.

He was killed in action on the 19th December 1979, and we would extend our deepest sympathy to the members of his family.

From The Falcon, June 1980 – If anyone has a suitable picture (e.g. from house / sports photos etc) please get in touch



Lance Corporal Ian Scott LUCAS, 5 Squadron, Rhodesian Corps of Engineers. He was clearing booby traps at farmhouses in the Shamva area with Kevin Morrison. On arrival, they walked up to the back of the house where there were stairs going up to the back door. Ian lent his rifle against the wall and put down the proformat and then started up the stairs to the farmhouse back door, Kevin walked up to the bottom of the stairs and picked up the proformat turned around and lent against the wall. By this time Ian was at the top of the stairs, Kevin looked up to say something to Ian and at that moment Ian pushed open the back door, the booby trap went off killing Ian instantly. Kevin received minor shrapnel wounds.

Text Credit: derived from Rhodesian Combined Forces Roll of Honour, kindly provided by Gerry van Tonder, one of its co-authors

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