Michael V Potts (Founders 1967-1968)

Mike Potts (Founders 1967-68) sadly passed away on 29th November 2008.  For many years he ran the FOBS 100 Club in the UK (though we had contributors from around the world), but he was far more than just an office-bearer for the UK FOBS.

Mike was a great character, who was probably the first person to speak to me at the first FOBs do I went to. Full of his own particular charm and interested in what you had to say.

He flew 737s for Danair and British Airways for many years but unfortunately had to give this up on account of ill health. He was also a keen golfer and whenever we met and one asked after his health etc, you could almost guarantee that golf would be mentioned in the reply.

Here are a few recollections of him, from various people:

I can only mourn the loss to our community of one of us. The only Potts I can remember was famous for managing to fall off a train and dislocating his thumb. That doesn’t matter, I have hoisted a pot or two (deliberate pun) to his memory. It seems he had a good life and enjoyed what he did – a lesson to us all. My condolences to all especially Dorothy and the rest of his family and those who remember him directly.

Russell SellickGeorge Grey 1967-70

Mike and I were in the same class in Ndola Primary where we were taught by his mother so out relationship goes back a long way. His father was in the control tower when I did my first couple of solo flights. Remember long games of “stingers” in the playground where you tried to hit other players with a tennis ball, he had a fearful right arm! Funny the things you remember. I am actually in Ndola at the moment for a short stay, Our family all knew him well they will be sad to get the news.

All he ever wanted to do was fly, his dad was in fighters in the RAF during the second world war, it was good that he managed that even if it was cut short by ill health.

My condolences to his family

Rob JerrardTredgold 1963-68

We were in the same dorm in Founders. I think he came late to Falcon (form 4? ). He was a very straightforward guy and very serious for his age. Way too young to be moving on.

Bruce FletcherFounders 1963-67

Colin BewesHervey 1975-79

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