Nick Finneron, Founders 1962 – 1967

Nick Finneron

Nick was in Founders from 1962 until 1967. He featured prominently in athletics as a sprinter, long jumper and high jumper and was a winger with the 1st XV rugby team.

He left Zambia shortly after graduating from Falcon for the UK where he studied Business at Plymouth Polytech. He then found himself in London working for Avon before having his own business renovating cars, which was a great passion of his.

His yearning for Africa brought him back but this time to Johannesburg where he worked initially with ArmsCor and then moved to NedBank, and ultimately had his own printing business from which he retired a year before his passing.

Nick continued his favorite pastime of watching cricket and rugby, and lived life to the full. He also developed an interest in ornithology and did some volunteer work for an ecology firm. He had been on a lengthy tour of China with his partner Jenni just before his death and there were other travel plans afoot but alas not to be realized.

Nick left behind his beloved Jenni, his daughters Victoria and Charlotte, his son Sean and his grandchildren Aaron, Henry, Xanthe and Florence in addition to ourselves here in LA

Tim Finneron, Founders 1963 – 1968

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  • Tim, So sorry to hear of Nick’s passing. I knew him quite well at Falcon as we were in the same house. And of course I remember you. I used to see your mother from time to time as she was in Elizabeth Gardens and Greendale in Howick where my folks also lived for the last years of their lives. Unfortunately my visits never coincided with Nick’s so we never managed to meet up.My sincerest sympathies to you and your extended family.
    Richard Tudor-Owen

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