Peter McKinnon, T’75

Peter McKinnon, taken during his service with the BSAPPeter Donald McKinnon was born April 22, 1958 in Lusaka, Zambia. He was the third child of the late Dr. Donald and Mrs Treasure McKinnon. He attended Borrowdale Primary School, Harare, Zimbabwe and then went to Falcon College, Essexvale, from 1971-75 for his secondary education. He was in Tredgold House. The picture of Peter wearing his Falcon uniform, age 14, was taken in 1972 . He must have grown a lot that year because his blazer is very small! The photo was taken at TTC, Bulawayo where I was training to become a teacher.

Peter, Falcon College c. 1972Peter and I were able to spend some time together at Falcon in 1972 and 73, though it was not easy to schedule a visit. He was often involved in sports fixtures or was spending the day exploring the countryside around Falcon College with his friends. Nevertheless, I did manage to see him on occasion and bring him much appreciated tuck. We spent

Peter McKinnon 1978

some happy hours at the sports fields and also enjoyed wandering around the village-like premises of Falcon.

Peter left school after O-level and joined the BSAP on 22nd April 1976 (Force # 9617). He was stationed in Bulawayo and other areas of the country and served as Patrol Officer until 3rd July, 1980. Peter died as a result of an accident in Harare, July 16, 1981, a year after leaving the Police.

Peter Donald McKinnon c. 1980 HarareLike many young people, he wanted to travel. He was planning to visit me in Canada where he was also considering further education. Peter was a wonderful brother, kind, active and full of fun.

Pete and his monkey, Byo c.1980

He is remembered for his love of family and friends, the outdoors, wild and domestic animals. He kept himself extremely physically fit, enjoyed music and playing the guitar. He had many friends both at school and in the Police. Peter is greatly missed and is survived by brother Geoff McKinnon (Harare, Zimbabwe) and sister Mary Seymour (Stouffville, Ontario, Canada) and their families.

Mary Seymour (Peter’s sister)

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