Walter “Flossy” Fletcher, Staff 1962 – 1967

Walter Fletcher, early 1960sBorn on 20th February, 1924, Walter came to South Africa after WW II under a program for servicemen whose education had been put on hold for the duration of the war. He studied at Rhodes University, where he met and married Ingrid (Staff, 1963 – 1966)

He returned to the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1951 and stayed there until 1959 when he moved back to South Africa with a job teaching at St Andrews Prep School in Grahamstown.

Walter and Peggy Fletcher, around 1969Walter and Ingrid moved to Southern Rhodesia in 1961 to teach at St Stephens in Balla Balla. A year later he moved to Falcon, where he was, amongst other things, the tennis coach, whilst Ingrid taught Art and Afrikaans.

In 1967, Walter moved to Australia, living with his 2nd wife, Peggy, firstly in Brisbane and then in Armidale, New South Wales, where he passed away on 23rd February 2005. He loved his time at Falcon.

Bruce Fletcher – Founders, 1963 – 1967

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